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Life at Samsung Display

We're laying a strong foundation for acquiring more outstanding talent to join
with us in unlocking and building the best display technologies for tomorrow.

Employees talking

Developing Talent

Strengthen individual and corporate competence through systematic development of talent.
Value Sharing,New Leadership Development, Expertise Development, New Employee Training, Global Competence Development

Welfare Benefits

There are various benefits in addition to essential welfare benefits. (healthcare, national pension, employment insurance, industrial accident insurance)
Welfare Benefits
Benefits Content
Daily Support Commuter bus, cafeteria, dorm, child education support, family events
support, various pension and insurance benefits.
Healthcare & Medical Benefits Provide employees with medical checkup, fitness center, and corporate
medical clinic.
Leisure Support Provide employees with medical checkups on a regular basis and medical support for their spouse and children.
Cafeteria Welfare Point Employees can redeem their cafeteria-style welfare points for their welfare benefits.
Other Service Counseling center, legal counselling service, reward of welfare points to celebrate marriage/childbirth.