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Job Description

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R & D

Research development activities at the product development stage and
Direct/indirect engineering job process for the improvement of yield rate, features, quality, operation, material, process and system.
R&D Job Information - Job, Content, Major, Panel Development, Operation Development, Facility Development, Material Research, Process Development
Job Content Major
Panel Developmen Design and implement display structure and optimize process to ensure characteristics and reliability. Electrical/Electronic Engineering(hardware), Material Science/Metallurgy, Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Textile/Polymer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics
Operation Development Development of components and electric circuits for display operation and enhancement of product characteristics via the assessment and optimization of electrical properties. Electrical/Electronic Engineering(hardware), Physics
Facility Development Development of cutting-edge facilities for display manufacturing and development of hardware and software technologies to materialize the Smart Factory. Mechanical, Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering(hardware) Physics
Material Research Synthesis of organic and inorganic materials and reliability assessment/analysis to improve product performance and durability. Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Material Science/Metallurgy, Textile/Polymer Engineering, Physics
Process Development Development, inspection, measurement and analysis of element technology for each process to optimize display manufacturing process and stabilize yields. Electrical/Electronic Engineering(hardware), Material Science/Metallurgy, Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Textile/Polymer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Industrial Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics


Development of efficient system, maintenance work, pre-design interpretation and Simulation by modeling based on the system.
Software Explnation
Job Content Major
System Software Development/operation of systems and software to implement the Smart Factory. Electrical/Electronic Engineering(hardware), Data Processing/Computer, Physics, Mathematics

Facility Engineering

Facilities engineering including technical activities and measuring/analysis for improvement, maintenance, other technical works through facility(production infra) and utility operation and measuring/calibration.
Facility Engineering Explnation
Job Content Major
Facility Technology Facility performance improvement, error handling, maintenance, designing of facility conditions, development of control technology and technical support for automated facility production to improve product quality and productivity. Electrical/Electronic Engineering(hardware), Material Science/ Metallurgy, Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Mathematics
Infrastructure Technology Stable provision of gas, chemicals and electricity to business places in Korea and overseas, and maintenance and management of related facilities. Electrical/Electronic Engineering(hardware), Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics


Efficient management, operation and administration Of business resource.
Administration Explnation
Job Content Major
Planning Development of business/technical strategies, market/competitor analysis, investment management, etc. No preferred major
Finance Financial management, accounting, settlement of accounts, import and export, taxation, fund planning/operation, etc.
H/R Efficient HR management and talent recruitment and training.
Legal Legal planning, licensing, compliance, legal consulting, and compliance training.
PR Development of internal/external PR strategies, media/social media promotion, and planning and production of content to enhance communication among employees.
Purchasing Establishment of short/long-term purchase strategies, equipment, purchase, procurement planning, and material management.

Sales Marketing

Attracting customers for sales activities in domestic and overseas markets and other sales operation for product supply.
Sales Marketing Explnation
Job Content Major
Sales Manage customers, secure order volume, and manage mass production volume and price. No preferred major
Marketing Demand forecast/analysis, development of marketing strategies and profitability management.